Top 10 Perfect ECO Friendly Beauty Tips

1. Don’t shampoo your hair every day. Not only is this better for your hair, it is also better for the environment. Water is our planet’s most valuable resource and should be conserved whenever possible.

2. Cotton discs are essential tools, especially in every girl’s beauty regime. But cotton is one of the most sprayed crops, we use. The consistent demand means that this once organic material is now usually only available with a pesticide based genetic makeup.

3. Conserve water by limiting your shower time and turning off the water while brushing your teeth. Not only will you save a few extra dollars on your water utility bill, you’ll be saving gallons worth of water too (A four-minute shower uses approximately 20 to 40 gallons of water!).

4. Make sure your soap is free of alpha-hydroxy acids. These harsh chemicals are used to clear pores, but also damage your skin’s UV protection abilities. Look for an all-natural cleanser the next time you are shopping at the drug store.

5. Use recycled trash bags. Try throwing your old cosmetic bottles and tubes into grocery sacks, instead of buying plastic trash bags. This is a good way to use up your old grocery sacks without adding extra trash to landfills since they must be disposed of anyway.

6.Avoid feeding your body harmful chemicals by switching to organic, natural companies that create beauty products made from minerals, plant oils and flower extracts. Since organic cosmetics do not contain any synthetic ingredients, they are less likely to cause acne, irritation, or blackheads.

7. Go grocery shopping. Some of the best beauty products can be found in the produce section of your local supermarket. Yogurt and eggs can be used to make a very effective facial masque, and a vinegar rinse is a great way to add shine to your hair and prevent color from fading.

8. It’s important to stay fit, therefore exercising is very important. However gyms tend to use equipment which runs on electricity, which is not very good for the environment. Not forgetting that many gyms are also air conditioned, brightly lit and the majority even offer a fresh towel service!

9. Talc is found in many pressed powders, and even in some eye shadows and foundations. Studies show talc to be similar in structure to asbestos and can increase the risk of ovarian cancer.

10. Make the most of your cosmetics and skin care products. Be sure to use every last drop of your facial creams and cosmetics. Some containers can be opened or swabbed with a Q-tip in order to access the contents at the bottom of the bottle or tube.

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