10 home tips for clear skin in summer

You skin literally burns when you go out in the blistering sun and the damage the sun rays does to your skin cannot be remedied unless you are persistent in your daily regimen of skin care. There are lots of products available for protection against sun damage, but they can be very costly also. You can protect yourself from the sun by making use of things available at home and at half the price.

1. My mother trusts Aloe Vera more than anything else for skin care. She does not like aloe Vera gel as she says it will contain some chemicals and preservatives. She always has Aloe Vera plant in a pot and takes a leaf daily and keeps it in the fridge. When returning back home she will split the leaf and take out the gel, blend in the blender and apply it all over her face. She will make us do it also and trust me, it soothes your burnt skin very much.

2. Cucumber is another cool reliever of your burning skin. Take the juice of cucumber, refrigerate and apply after a day out in sun.

3. It is essential you wash your face immediately after returning home as summer is a time when the atmosphere is very dusty .The sun makes you sweat profusely and you get oily also and this is enough for your pores to get clogged. You skin should be absolutely clear; otherwise your skin will attract acne and pimples. Wash your face with besan powder and sandal powder.

4. Mint leaves are excellent for tanned skin. Extract juice from mint leaves and add one teaspoon of red sandal powder and one teaspoon of turmeric powder. Apply all over your face and wash after it dries.

5. Green tea is also excellent for your sun burnt skin. I usually keep the residue of the tea in the fridge (it should be used within two days) and when I need it I blend in the blender adding ice water. I strain and use it in my face and it is really good.

6. Water melon also has a cooling effect and it is very for good sun damage. Take two teaspoon of water melon juice and add to it to one teaspoon of turmeric and apply in your face.

7. Do not exfoliate when your skin feels burnt or immediately after you return from sun. You should wait till your skin feels normal and then go about exfoliating. My mother always recommends Vetiver (Latin botanical name –Vetveria zizanioides)as a natural exfoliator.She makes a powder of it in the machine along with turmeric and the texture of the powder will be little rough because Vetiver is difficult to powder. When you apply it in the face it feels cool and you can feel it working as there is a mild roughness in the powder.

8. Tender coconut water is another excellent cooling agent for sun damage. Take the tender coconut water and apply in your face. You can use the tender coconut pulp also.

9. Plain ice cubes applied in the face after sun exposure also provides some relief.

10. Chilled butter milk also soothes your skin after sun exposure. Apply butter milk in your face and wash after fifteen minutes.

So you can find you have your own remedy at home to escape damage from the scalding sun. But there is some caution you should take before venturing out. Apply a good sun screen at least twenty minutes before you go out. Always have an umbrella with you to minimize the harmful effects of the sun.

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